Key contributors have a dramatic impact on the achievements of a company. We streamline the talent acquisition process and deliver tangible results. Each talent acquisition assignment is tailored to the specific requirements and needs of each client, we maintain a structured and comprehensive process to insure high quality, fast and cost-effective results:

Services offered:

  • Initial Position Assessment
    • Develop the position specifications
    • Identify the ideal candidate profile
    • Integrate the company’s culture, employee’s relations climate and working style into the position profile … Very important!
    • Create a search plan
  • Research, Source
    • Identify and select sources
    • Identify a list of initial candidates
  • Recruiting
    • Initial contact with prospective candidates
    • Assess the interest level of each candidate
    • Increase the candidate’s awareness of client’s success, the attractiveness of the position and fit between the candidate and the corporate culture of our client
    • Gather credentials of prospective candidates
    • Interview candidates, prepare interview reports
  • Client Support
    • Assist with the preparation and negotiation of the offer package
    • Assist with the transition of the selected hire into company and community
    • Follow-up on a monthly basis
Expert Associates: