In our current turbulent economy, employment termination can occur for any number of reasons. Whatever the reasons, termination is a complex, traumatic process. We believe that, in order to be meaningful, outplacement services must address the circumstances of the termination and the realistic career expectations of the person involved. We offer a customized, multi-step solution that may include:

  • Pre-Termination Planning: We work with clients to determine the scope of the project and begin required documentation. A plan that suits the needs of both the employer and the former employee is put together.
  • Assessment: An individualized analysis is performed to evaluate strengths, areas requiring improvement and career options. This analysis is based on interviews with co-workers, supervisors and other persons acquainted with the employee in a variety of settings. The information gathered is summarized in a confidential report and is then used to formulate a customized plan for coaching, training and career planning.
  • Transition Coaching: This phase offers a variety of options, which are personalized for each person based on the results from the Assessment phase. As a minimum, coaching on resume writing and interviewing skills is provided. Finally, we assist the subject(s) with help in formulating an effective and realistic Career Plan
  • Working on the Career Plan: During this phase, we provide former employees with frequent progress meetings and, if necessary, office space and tools.
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