Your organization has concrete expectations from each employee. The organization’s policy, mission and goals, should be clear to every new hire from the beginning of his/her tenure with your company. An Employee Handbook provides a detailed, documented explanation of your expectations as well as what the new employee can expect of you. We believe that a well written employee handbook is one of the most critical elements in communication of employee rights and to insuring maximum flexibility and discretion in policy interpretation and application as well as enabling consistency in administration of policies and practices by managers and supervisors of the organization. Our Employee Handbooks are completely customized. The Employee Handbooks we create for our clients are designed to promote the benefits of employment in your organization, lay out specific behavioral expectations, and prevent surprises that may tarnish your reputation or lead to disputes.

We customize each client’s Employee Handbook, and the final results can vary greatly. There are, however, some common elements in each of the Employee Handbooks we write for our clients:

  • An overview of company history, mission and vision
  • A Welcome message from the senior leader
  • Employment policies
    • Communication and Technology Use
    • Confidentiality
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Prohibited Harassment and Non-Discrimination
    • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Pay and Hours guidelines including classifications of employment, time reporting, overtime, breaks and meal periods
  • Paid/unpaid time off and leaves of absence
  • Standards of conduct
  • General information such as the location of the employee services, parking policies,
    use of company cars, personal telephone calls, etc.
  • Leaving the company
  • Employee acknowledgement
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