Optimum Human Resource Systems understands that the goal of every organization is to recruit, develop, retain and enhance a highly skilled, well-educated and productive workforce. To help our clients achieve this goal, we create and implement employee development initiatives, customized to the specific needs of our client organization and the target audience. Each Employee Development program is highly individualized. It is designed for maximum synchronization between company goals and the individual employee’s perceived needs. The first step in the design of an employee development program is needs assessment. We consider the following factors:

  • How the new knowledge will contribute to the achievement of the corporate and personal development goals
  • Active involvement of management in the program, whenever it is practical

A partial list of group training topics include:

  • Leadership skills for supervisors and managers
  • Proactive performance management
  • Current legal/compliance issues for managers
  • Interviewing and selection techniques for managers and supervisors
  • Occupational safety and health training, including workplace ergonomics, hazardous materials,
    forklift safety and related topics
  • Time and stress management
  • Job instruction techniques for trainers and supervisors
  • Conflict resolution
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