FedEx Reaches $3 Million Settlement with OFCCP Over Hiring Discrimination Claims

OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) has alleged that, over a seven year period, FedEx rejected 21, 000 applicants for entry-level package handler and parcel assistant positions at 23 facilities in 15 states on the basis of sex, race and/or national origin. DOL states that “The 21,635 rejected job seekers represent one of the […]

Optimal Knowledge: The Resilience Issue

The new issue of Optimal Knowledge is about resilience. Here is an excerpt from the leading article of Anita Ryan: “At The Crossroads: The Keys to Organizational Resiliency”: “American businesses, large and small truly are at a crossroads. Those organizations resilient enough to have survived the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression are now […]

Optimal Knowledge: The Communication Issue

Today’s “experience” economy, constant information and advertising exchange in social networks pushes both companies and employees to communicate their brand transparently, openly and with an “awe” emotion. Statements and speeches don’t do it anymore. Action and sharing the great encounters with the company’s brand are not only the flavor of the month, but a trend […]

Excellent Customer Service

Everyone is happy to share their customer service nightmares but very few of us take the time to talk about customer service excellence. This morning I had a most amazing experience. Please bear with me while I share it because I think there are some “teachable moments” woven in there. For several weeks I have […]