OSHA 301 Summaries need to be completed and posted from February through April. Summaries must be posted even if there were no injuries.

To complete the summary you must have posted all of your injuries and illnesses (including hearing loss) to the OSHA 300 log. You must also have these postings backed up by “First Report of Injury” documentation.

One of the commonest problems we find is over-reporting. To be recordable the injury must be work-related, require medical attention and involve lost workdays or job transfer.

1. Work-related means occurring on the worksite in the course of job or related tasks.

2. Medical attention means visiting the doctor or clinic and receiving actual treatment or a prescription for drugs.  (Over the counter medicines prescribed at greater than the dosage on the OTC bottle ar  treated as prescribed medications)

3. Lost workdays or job transfer days begin the day after the injury occurred.
As you review your 300 log and prepare the 301 summary, you should take the opportunity to do an annual assessment of accident and injury experience.

Take the time to see what measures can be taken to reduce accidents and the injuries they cause. Set reduction goals and an implementation plan for coming year. Schedule  training to reflect the accident reduction goals. (If all of your accidents and injuries are cuts, for example, training on hand and fingers safety is in order.)
This is also a good time to conduct a Safety Program Evaluation.
1. What is the status of your safety program?

2. What did you accomplish, or fail to accomplish last year?

3. What needs improvement?

4. What will be your emphasis for 2012?

5. What goals do you have?

6. How will these be accomplished?
You are required to do all the paperwork. Why not put it to good use?