Optimal Knowledge: The Communication Issue

Today’s “experience” economy, constant information and advertising exchange in social networks pushes both companies and employees to communicate their brand transparently, openly and with an “awe” emotion. Statements and speeches don’t do it anymore. Action and sharing the great encounters with the company’s brand are not only the flavor of the month, but a trend that is here to stay.
How can HR departments help their organizations to achieve these goals the right way? As we said in previously, HR can help by consistently championing their organization’s brand. Think in terms of the  company’s mission and values and act on the them everyday through all channels of communication.

The role of HR in fostering this “internal marketing” conversation is crucial. In the “Communication” issue of Optimal Knowledge, Optimum HR Systems associates share their thoughts on several aspects of communication.  Anita Ryan explains how shaping the organization’s culture through training leads to better results – internally and externally and ultimately contributes directly to achievement of business goals. Vija Kelly speaks about another aspect of organizational culture that HR departments need to build on a daily basis – how to foster a safety climate that goes beyond simple compliance. Dick Lee reminds us of the role of HR in helping their organizations avoid potential data security pitfalls in the era of social networks and Internet experience sharing. John Cleveland and Michelle Maher stress the importance of good communication of the value of benefits to employees.

And, as a final communiqué, Richard Warren announces our office move to Plymouth, Minnesota.

You can download the entire issue here