Excellent Customer Service

Everyone is happy to share their customer service nightmares but very few of us take the time to talk about customer service excellence. This morning I had a most amazing experience. Please bear with me while I share it because I think there are some “teachable moments” woven in there.

For several weeks I have been having intermittent problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 garbling MS Office 2010 files. Yesterday it finally froze up on me. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper!

I called Adobe, went through the bridging menu and after three choices got this message: “We are not able to take your call at this time. If you prefer not to hold, please enter your phone number and name and we will call you back in “X” minutes”. At the appointed time, they called back and got a busy signal so they continued to try five or six more times until I answered. The CSR patiently gathered intake data and explained every step she was taking to resolve the problem. When she needed to look something up, she put me on hold, told me when she would be back on line and gave me the choice of holding or getting a call back. At the “resolution” stage of the call she took control of my computer, installed the software upgrade needed to solve the problem and tested it on one of my documents to be sure it worked properly. She closed by sending me a link to some individually paced learning resources and sending me an electronic “service experience” survey. I cannot think of a way she could have handled this “Adobe experience” any more professionally!

To me this was the gold standard of the “Experience Economy”. Adobe is obviously using customer feedback to triage their incoming calls correctly and using voice recognition software to give the feel of “personal” attention. After collecting some basic intake information, they appear to be directing calls to CSRs who are competent in both the appropriate technology and language. It was obvious to me that the CSR had been coached extensively but she did not sound “scripted”.
I think there are some lessons here for each of us regardless of our industry. Are we investing the proper amount of resources into designing and implementing the processes, technology and training to make each customer contact experience a moment we would be proud to share with our Board of Directors?

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